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Why I Don’t Visit You…

December 12th, 2016 No comments

Since I’ve been asked a lot why I don’t visit… here’s your answers:

  1. My husband works out of town during the week (mostly). I don’t drive. Getting to your place is not as easy as it for someone who drives, so cut me some slack. If you have a license, come see me or come pick me up.
  2. I work from home. I do not have set hours. Sometimes, my work takes up all my waking hours, and sometimes I work really early or late because of #3.
  3. We have a lot of visitors. Our house is blessed with many regular visitors. Simply put, I often don’t have time to go to other people’s houses because I have visitors at my house. If there were two of me, I’d divide myself up, but there’s only one, so work with me, k?
  4. You might be the problem. Yep, there, I said it. I don’t have time for drama, or inane problems. I also may not enjoy spending time with you like I used too (refer to aforementioned drama). I will still love you dearly, but I won’t allow someone else’s problems or drama to negatively affect my life. And here’s something else, some of the people I love, I don’t particularly like. How can that be? Easy. History.
  5. I am working very hard to turn a hobby into a business… a dream into reality. It’s kinda like having a baby (some of you will remember what that was like). I may not have time in the next five or so years to visit you as I nurture my ‘baby’. Once my ‘baby’ is more self-sufficient, I’ll be able to visit more frequently.
  6. Invite me over. Don’t just say, we should hang out or you never visit. And don’t call me at the last minute and expect me to drop everything to come see you. You have a better chance of making plans with me.
  7. I’ve been assessing my relationships lately. I’ve looked at how my family and friends have given or taken; been steadfast or inconsistent; been supportive or hindering; and brought laughter or tears. It’s had me reevaluate who I want in my life on a regular basis. It’s really that simple.

Just remember that I care and I do want to visit, but right now, might not be the best time. Oh, and if you think this post is about you, it’s probably not. 😉

M. xo

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