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Kids Who Love Zeppelin! Hail to the Non-Beliebers!!!

June 7th, 2012 No comments

There is hope for the future… the future of Rock ‘n’ Roll!!!!!!

3 Year old sings Led Zeppelin!

Led Zeppelin Baby

Baby Headbanging to Some Led Zeppelin!!!

Kid Loves Led Zeppelin

M. xo

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Songs of Faith

June 17th, 2011 No comments

Some of the most beautiful & entertaining sounds I’ve ever heard are songs of the faithful.  It’s as though the sound truly does emanate from their souls.  There’s no embarrassment, or anxiety about how one sounds – just pure joy of song and music.

I thought I’d share some random videos of song, prayer and music from various religious/cultural points of view.  A special note to The Funky fresh Sr Choir (a group of senior citizens) for their interpretations of various hip-hop and pop songs for their congregation.  Also, if you’ve never heard of Matisyahu then you’re missing out on some pretty cool and amazing tunes.  Lucky for you – you’re reading this blog.   Enjoy!





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